The Zentralblatt Mathematik und ihre Grenzgebiete (zbMATH) is one of the most important organs for mathematics, whose foundation dates back to 1931. The Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities has been one of two editors since 1965, and one of three since 1999. In addition to the Academy, today it includes FIZ-Karlsruhe (external link) as part of the Leibniz Association, and the European Mathematical Society (external link). Until recently, Springer Verlag took over the printing. Originally founded as a refereed journal, zbMATH is now the world's most comprehensive and longest running abstraction and review service in pure and applied mathematics.

Its current functionality goes far beyond that of a refereed journal. It is now fully digital and provides a wide range of meta-information on the publications reviewed. In 2019, we succeeded in securing full funding for zbMATH from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, so that zbMATH will be open access in the future as zbMATH OPEN.

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