Main Editors: Manik Bajracharya / Simon Cubelic / Axel Michaels / Bal Gopal Shrestha / Astrid Zotter

Documenta Nepalica

Religions- und rechtsgeschichtliche Quellen des vormodernen Nepal

Statues of deities and inscription in Micchu Bāhāḥ

The rich inscription heritage of Kathmandu Valley dates back to the 2nd century CE. Up to the present day, inscriptions are omnipresent in Nepal’s religious and public life. Written artefacts in Sanskrit, Newari and Nepali language recording grants, donations or the establishment of trusts and ritual traditions are found on temples, shrines, wells and rest houses alike. In the form of paper copies that verify property titles and revenue entitlements inscriptions also entered the archival records. Therefore, inscriptions not only serve as a link between tangible and intangible cultural heritage, monuments and archives, but also reflect changing documentary practices in Nepal’s administrative culture. Besides material microfilmed by the NGMPP, the present collection includes inscriptions documented and published in collaboration with the pilot project “Anthropology of Inscriptions: Memory and Cultural Heritage in the Public Sphere” (HCTS/Flagship Initiative "Transforming Cultural Heritage") and the Nepal Heritage Documentation Project (NHDP).

PN_0004_0062: A copperplate inscription recording a land endowment by Bhīma Malla for feeding foreign Brahmins and ascetics and for worshipping Paśupatinātha (NS 760)

NHDP_0001_0113: A stone block inscription at Su Bahāḥ in Lalitpur re the installation of an idol of Mañjuvajra (NS 644)

NHDP_0001_0011: A stone slab inscription at Buinā Gaṇeśa in Lalitpur re the donation of a finial by Vīra Sāhi Kumharaju (NS 801)

NHDP_0001_0108: A stone slab inscription at Su Bāhāḥ in Lalitpur re Dhanajyoti and his wife Rukamanī’s installation of a Lokeśvara idol at a phalcā (NS 820)

NHDP_0001_0109: A copperplate inscription at Subāhāḥ in Lalitpur recording a donation of two windows by Buddharāja, Munivaṃśa and Mahājyoti for the esoteric shrine (NS 842)

NHDP_0001_0026: A stone slab inscription at Si Bāhāḥ, Khāchẽ Ṭola, Lalitpur re the enforcement of regulations for saṅgha members by Dharma Siṃhaju (NS 820)

NHDP_0001_0114: A copperplate inscription at Su Bāḥāḥ in Lalitpur re the offering of various items by Ruhiṃju and Sirisiṃju (NS 853)

NHDP_0001_0010: A stele inscription at Triliṅgeśvara Mahādeva Mandira in Bahālukhā, Lalitpur re the establishment of a guṭhī by Amara Girī Gosāīṃ (NS 863)

PN_0002_0002: A copperplate inscription recording the offering of two slave girls by Bālakṛṣṇa Upādhyā to serve at Paśupatinātha (ŚS 1695)

NHDP_0001_0136: A stone slab inscription at Seto Gaṇeśa Guṭhī Capāḥchẽ in Lalitpur re the construction of a three-bay phalcā and the installation of three idols by Lalita Siṃha Bhāro (NS 877)

NHDP_0001_0033: A stone slab inscription at Tāpāhiti Gaṇeśa in Lalitpur re the replacement of the old Gaṇeśa idol with a new one by Kṛṣṇa Siṃha Bhāro (NS 907)

NHDP_0001_0112: A stone slab inscription at Su Bāhāḥ in Lalitpur re the renovation of a phalcā by Kāsirāma Bhābo and others (NS 878)

K_0120_0020: A copy of a copperplate recording the donation of land by King Gīrvāṇayuddha's mother for the worship of Mahāmāyā at Gorkha (VS 1856)

PN_0002_0030: A copperplate inscription by Buddhirekhā Godārni recording a variety of implements offered to Paśupati and the emancipation of a slave (VS 1863)

PN_0004_0065: A copperplate inscription recording the emancipation of three women from slavery by Sundara Giri and his wife (VS 1869)

PN_0004_0060: A copper plate inscription of an order by King Rājendra to the Bhaṭṭa priests and other officials regulating entry into the Paśupatinātha temple (VS 1885)

PD_0001_0001: A stone inscription in Vajrayoginī Sankhu concerning the donation of a lion statue by Torādhara Lāota Tejanārāṃ (NS 966)

PD_0001_0002: A stone inscription at the Vajravārāhī temple in Sankhu memorializing the establishment of a rest-house and a guṭhī by Vīra Bhāro (NS 967)

NHDP_0001_0091: A stone slab inscription at Śaṅkhadhara Bāhāḥ at Cvachẽ (Cyāsa), Patan re the establishment of Triratna Mahāvihāra (Śaṅkhadhara Bāhāḥ) and the consecration of a dharmadhātuvāgīśvaracaitya and a dharmadhātumaṇḍala by Śaṅkhadhara Prajāpati and his two wives (NS 988)

NHDP_0001_0110: An inscription on a vajradhātumaṇḍala at Subāhāḥ recording the endowment of it by Lakṣmīdhaṃ and his family (NS 1009)

NHDP_0001_0137: A bell inscription at the Karuṇāmaya Mandira in Bungamati memorializing the offering of the bell by Jaṅga Bahādura Rāṇā (VS 1927)

NHDP_0001_0050: An inscription recording the construction of a Śākyamuni Buddha shrine by Dhaṃcā Thakuṃ and her family (NS 1024)

HDP_0001_0069: A tablet inscription at the Kvayanā Sataḥ in Chobhar memorializing its renovation by Nārāṃ Govindadāsa (VS 1996)

NHDP_0001_0001: A stele inscription at the Karuṇāmaya Mandira in Bungamati commemorating a bhajana for Kṛṣṇa performed by Guru Kavi Prasāda Gautama (VS 2008)