Reports from across the borders

Main Editors: Manik Bajracharya / Simon Cubelic / Rajan Khatiwoda

Documenta Nepalica

Religions- und rechtsgeschichtliche Quellen des vormodernen Nepal

Das Gemälde zeigt William Kirkpatrick, Offizier der East India Company, in Uniform.

Although Nepal has been portrayed as being a secluded country during the 19th century, the large amount of reports written by Nepalese envoys stationed at various posts in Southern Asia opens a new perspective on Nepal’s engagement with the outside world. These reports do not only mirror the Nepalese durbar’s attempt to forge an alliance with the independent kingdoms in the region, especially after Nepal’s defeat in the Anglo-Nepalese War (1814–1816), but are proofs for its wide-ranging interest in all sorts of political, military, technical and cultural information, particularly with regard to the European colonial powers. Therefore, this body of documents provides insights into the perception of Nepal’s political elites on foreign affairs and into the crucial role envoys played as cultural brokers and mediators between the Nepalese government and the colonial state.


DNA_0001_0021: An arjī from Jasapāu Thāpā re Raṇajita Siṃ's failure to gain victory (undated)

DNA_0002_0019: An arjī sent by Bam Śāha from Almora re British-India army causualities in the battle of Nālāpānī (VS 1871)

DNA_0002_0085: A report by Candraśekhara Upādhyāya to General Bhīmasen Thāpā and Kājī Raṇadhvaja Thāpā on a meeting with the governor-general and on British-Maratha hostilities [VS 1874]

DNA_0002_0111: A report from Patna by Candraśekhara Upādhyāya re Gajarāja Miśra's death and British overtures of friendship (VS 1874)

DNA_0002_0066: A report from Umākānta Upādhyāya to Bhīmasena Thāpā re Ochterlony's death etc. (VS 1882)

DNA_0002_0016: A letter from Lokaramaṇa Upādhyāya, Devarṣi Upādhyāya, Nāhāra Siṃ Thāpā and Śālīgrāma Siṃ to Bhavānībhakta Siṃ Khatrī re the British predilection for puppet theatre (VS 1888)

DNA_0002_0008: A patra from Saṃgada Siṁ and Raṇasura Bhaḍārī to Bhīmasena Thāpā re the battle at Bharatpur (VS 1882)

DNA_0002_0044: An arjī from Sāligrāma providing a political report from Patna (VS 1891)

DNA_0002_0022: A report sent by Subbā Caturbhuja Malla from Almora detailing newsworthy events in 1836 CE

DNA_0001_0030: An arjī from Lokaramaṇa Upādhyāya re the arrival of Prince Henry of the Netherlands in Calcutta (VS 1894)

DNA_0002_0005: An arjī of Lokaramaṇa Upādhyāya re the departure of Governor-General Auckland on a tour and the reassignment of the secretaries (VS 1894)

DNA_0002_0109: An arjī by Lokaramaṇa Upādhyāya re his meeting with the governor-general (VS 1894)

DNA_0004_0034: An arjī from Lokaramaṇa Upādhyāya providing a report from Calcutta (VS 1894)

DNA_0005_0028: A letter written from Calcutta by Lokaramaṇa Upādhyāya re political, military and geographical information of the British presence in South Asia (VS 1894)

DNA_0001_0032: An arjī by Lokaramaṇa Upādhyāya providing a political report from Calcutta (VS 1895)

DNA_0001_0075: An arjī from Lokaramaṇa Upādhyāya re a conversation with James Prinsep (VS 1895)

DNA_0003_0046: A letter from Lakṣmaṇa Śarmā to Rājaguru Raṅganātha Pauḍyāla re activities involving the Mughal emperor and the British resident in Delhi (VS 1895)

DNA_0003_0049: An arjī on the British procurement of grain supplies from Indian rulers (VS 1895)

DNA_0003_0083: A report on different incidents in Delhi, Jaipur, Lahore and Kabul (VS 1896)

DNA_0001_0068: A report from Lokaramaṇa Upādhyāya on his efforts to provide materials on a meeting between Raṇajit Siṃha and Lord Auckland to the palace and British reactions to an alleged Nepalese border infringement (VS 1897)

DNA_0004_0031: An arjī from Lokaramaṇa Upādhyāya re the reception of diplomatic documents and military events in Afghanistan (VS 1897)

DNA_0001_0097: An arjī from Lokaramaṇa Upādhyāya re the departure of the governor general from Calcutta, a meeting with the governor general’s secretary and the British victory in the Battle of Kabul (VS 1899)

DNA_0004_0036: A report from Lokaramaṇa Upādhyāya to Māthavara Siṃha Thāpā on political developments in Sindhia after the Gwalior campaign of 1843 (VS 1900)

Nepal-Tibet-China relations

DNA_0003_0047: An arjī from Jagatsera Khatrī Chetrī re his journey through Tibet and China (VS 1925)

DNA_0004_0009: An arjī from Jagatsera Khatrī Chetrī re his journey through Tibet and China (VS 1925)